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Dear Attorney:

My name is Rebekah Frisco President/Founder of Like Minded People Inc.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization helping provide victims of abuse with a multitude of resources, including legal resource referrals. Thank you for taking a moment to read the following information to understand better how our organization can benefit YOU.


We have three major sites that are already showing heavy traffic and gaining public interest quickly.  is not just an Attorney search site. is a robust platform for referrals, advertising a personal page dedicated to highlighting YOU as an attorney along with your services.


We build your Attorney profile; not just any profile we can add a personal video, and any other special details you have to offer for a modest yearly donation. The user is also able to call your office directly from the site for an appointment, along with a GPS map to your direct location. Because we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, a substantial percentage of your advertising dollars with us would be considered a tax deductible donation that serves to help the community that you are already representing. Your donation allows us to keep Be Legal Minded free for the users.


As a show of our commitment to you, we offer the above service at no charge for the first 30 days to allow you to see the actual benefits.  After the 30 day trial period, we will continue to promote your services based on your subscription level.


Click the following link below to contact me personally; I would love to go over the many perks of advertising with our community. I am also available for Skype and Facetime conferences.


Like Minded People Inc Empowers victims, with no judgment for the offenders, they also need assistance through the three stages towards victory. is a huge part of that process.


Stage 1)  allows for personally documented stories of abuse.  It allows the victim to identify their abuser so that others do not fall prey to them again.  Unfortunately, many have lost their lives or suffered abuse from these same people that came up with a clean report from sites that charge for a general search fee, or others that have been arrested or reported but were not convicted, or the victim may have withdrawn charges out of embarrassment or fear. A recent statistic showed that as many as 60% of convicted abusers do not show up due to individual jurisdictions and reporting anomalies. Prior arrests or abusive behavior will not show up in many jurisdictions at all.


Here is where you as an Attorney will benefit from our platform.


Be Legal is the second stage of our program. Our phone advocates at S.A.F.E Minded find the right Attorney in the victim’s zip code that will provide the exact legal issues that reside with Domestic Violence.  Then there is the other side, With each posted abuser profile on S.A.F.E, we suggest and help the offender to find an Attorney as well.




Like Minded People and I (Rebekah Frisco) hope that you not only see the advertising business benefits but most importantly see the overall benefits of contributing advertising dollars to help us promote awareness while protecting the innocent, just like the clients you see daily that need guidance and legal protection.


Please feel free to contact me at any time should you have any questions.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Warm regards,


Rebekah Frisco

Facetime,Text,Call: 214-693-9771

Skype: Rebekah Frisco


Making a yearly donation to Like Minded People ensures that more clients get to see this human side of the law.

Advertising with Like Minded People is a win win, because not only do you get to reach out to a new audience, but also help those in need.

With Be Legal Minded, Attorney Search you are not joining another advertising site, you are donating to a cause.
Be Legal Minded is a program that is a part of Like Minded People Resources for Empowerment.
Like Minded People is a 501(c)(3)Nonprofit organization that focuses on the empowerment of victims affected by domestic abuse, for both victim and offender. Knowing both need assistance towards healing.
Be Legal Minded is more than just another search engine designed to help you find the perfect lawyer;
It is much more personal. Our attorneys are friends and supporters for a cause aimed at giving back to the community, the community they already represent Lawyers of Be Legal Minded represent the human side of the law.

To learn more about how your advertising donation helps change the lives of others please visit

Thank you for your support. 


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